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  • May 31th 2021 Memorial Day - Closed

The Brockton Retirement System (BRS) is one of 106 contributory retirement systems in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Retirement System, governed by a five-member board, is subject to the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 32.

Member units are the City of Brockton, Brockton Housing Authority, Brockton Redevelopment Authority and the Brockton Area Transit Authority.  Membership in the Brockton Retirement System is mandatory for all full-time employees. The system represents approximately 1,775 active and 1,280 retired members.

Our office is at 1322 Belmont Street, Suite 101 Brockton, MA  02301. Our telephone number is 508-580-7847 and fax 508-559-0559.  For more information, please contact us.

The Board requests email addresses from active employees and retirees in the event of special communication requirements. Please submit your information to us by clicking here.



Election by Declaration: As you were informed this February, the Brockton Retirement Board opened nominations for an elected position. The deadline passed for filing nomination papers and since there was only one nominee this has become an Election by Declaration. Please join me in congratulating Active Member of the Fire Department, Deputy Fire Chief Scott G. Albanese, on a second successful bid for a seat on the Brockton Retirement Board.

At the meeting of March 30, 2021, the Brockton Retirement Board so voted...