Benefit Calculator

Your retirement benefits depend on a few, simple factors:

  1. Age
  2. Length of Creditable Service
  3. Salary Level (Highest Consecutive Three Year Average, for membership prior to April 2, 2012)
  4. Group Classification

How are groups classified within the system?

Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4

Type of occupation, position or duties determine classification. Retirement boards assign employees to one of four specific groups based upon the classifications set out in section three of Chapter 32. If during your career you hold positions that are classified in more than one Group, your retirement calculation will be calculated based upon a formula developed by PERAC which will prorate your service by the amount of time you worked in each group.

            Group 1 members are officials and general employees including clerical, administrative      and technical workers, laborers, mechanics and all others not otherwise classified.

            Group 2 includes certain employees with hazardous occupations such as mental health        hospital attendants and electricians.

            Group 3 is made up of State Police officers

            Group 4 consists of public safety officers, officials and employees such as police officers,      firefighters and certain correction officers.

Note: In order to be classified in either Group 2 or Group 4 for retirement purposes, you must have actively performed the duties of that position for not less than 12 months immediately prior to termination from service or retirement.