Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I join the Brockton Retirement System?
As an employee of the Commonwealth or one of its political subdivisions, you do not contribute to Social Security; therefore, you must contribute to your local System.

When will I reach my maximum benefit of 80%?
Membership effective pre 04/02/2012:  You typically need a combination of 32 years and age 65, (55 for Group 4).
Membership effective post 04/2/2012: You typically need a combination of 32 years and age 67, (57 for Group 4). 

Can I borrow from my Account at the Brockton Retirment System?
This is prohibited by Statute.  Your funds must remain on account until your separation from service. 

What does the Board do with the pension deductions that come out of my paycheck?
The Board invests your funds with the guidance of professional money managers adhering to State and Federal regulations and legislation.

Before I retire, should I visit the Social Security Office, and why?
This office recommends visiting the Social Security Office prior to Retirement if you also qualify to receive a Social Security benefit. You most likely will be subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), and you will want to know how that will affect your Social Security Benefit. For more information on WEP visit the Social Security Website at

What do I need to do if I want to retire?
It is recommended that you call the Retirement Office and make an appointment to see Jeanne Martineau. We want to be sure that we have the paperwork ready for you and have the proper time set aside to answer any questions you may have.

What if I move, change my name or marital status?
Please contact us if any of these factors change, we may not always receive the information from the City if you are an active member.  You may also wish to change your beneficiary. If you get a divorce resulting in an attachment to your future or current pension, you want to make sure this Court Order is on file.

Will my retirement allowance last for an indefinite period or will it cease after a determined amount of years?
Your retirement allowance will last throughout your lifetime. Please bear in mind that the option you choose at the time of retirement will determine whether or not you leave a survivor benefit. All options will be discussed at length upon making an appointment with the Retirement Office.

Can I Work After Retirement? See the fact sheet on this question posted at

Will there be a change to my Retirement Allowance if my spouse dies?
If you chose an Option C, and your spouse passes, please contact us as soon as possible as you will “pop-up” to an Option A, which is a larger benefit.