Staff Members

Jeanne Martineau

Executive Director
Direct Line: 508-586-3243

Contact Jeannie directly to discuss any retirement matters you wish.

Tina L. Jefferson

Assistant Director
Direct Line: 508-586-3986

Contact Tina for retirement estimates, and any retirement calculation questions.

Deborah S. Goucher

Administrative Assistant
Direct Line: 774-257-5057

Contact Debbie if you’re a new member and need to enroll; to determine if your transfer was received from your prior Board, to request updated service time, or calculate a buyback or makeup of prior service or Military Service.  

Patricia K. Niklason

Administrative Assistant / Payroll Coordinator
Direct Line: 774-257-5056

Contact Patti if you are a retiree and have any payroll questions, or to inform her of new contact information, bank accounts etc.  If you are from another Board and have a 3(8)(c) question.

Jenna B. Slivinski

Administrative Assistant
Direct Line: 774-506-5030

Please welcome Jenna to our Team.  You may contact her for general information, such as requesting general forms, (ie: Address Change, Bank Account Change, Retirement Forms etc.) and demographic information.